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The trouble is intermittent loss of colour density. This
may happen several times in one evening or not at all for
several evenings. The colours do not disappear com-
pletely but fade to a pastel effect. This loss of colour
density may last from several seconds to about twenty
minutes. It can be corrected by advancing the colour
control but the colour is then too dense when the fault
rights itself. Occasionally the screen is a purple/magenta
colour for a few minutes after switching on, until the
colour fully appears.-P. Winder (Southsea).

Check carefully for poor contact in the plugs and
sockets which connect the colour control to the decoder
and tap the decoder panel to detect any dry -joints that
may be present. The effect can be caused by D600
(0A90) which clamps the colour -killer bias potential
applied to the chrominance delay line driver stage
being faulty.

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