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Drive Out Moisture from LOPT Overwind

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Drive Out Moisture from LOPT Overwind 1To effectively drive out moisture from a line output transformers over-wind  you need a 0 – 30 volt bench power supply unit.

Connect between the line output EHT anode connectors.
For example; a DC resistance of 250 ohms, adjust the power supply for 25 volts.  Power dissipated in the transformer winding will be 2.5 Watts, 30 volts would give 3.6 Watts.

The windings will be quite warm to touch but there is no possibility of the tar insulation melting. It is recommended you do this over a five day period whilst other work is being carried out, this should allow sufficient time for the winding to dry out.  DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED.

If a set has been poorly stored it is highly probable without this warming up procedure, a transformer may fail as soon as full voltages are developed in the over-wind.

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