Ekco PT438 noisy volume control

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This radio used a small edge V/C, they went noisy very quickly, few months from new. The design put a D.C. from the detector onto the V/C, many sets did, but this control was not good enough for that. The cure was a new control and a small electrolytic cap 2uf-5uf in series with the top connection of the control to stop the DC. I never questioned it at the time but presume the AGC circuit then took on the role of the detector load resistance.
It still was a poor control but the fix was enough to make it last a reasonable time. This was the radio that was used for the 1966 Radio Trades Examination Board practical test which I took. The other part of the test we were given a rotary paxolin switch wafer and some components with a circuit and had to wire and solder it up.

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