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On switching on the set the picture comes but
after 3 to 4 minutes it collapses with a straight bright line down the centre of the tube face. I
have changed PL81 and EY86 but without improvement. Could the line output transformer be
faulty? -G. R. Wilson (Aughton). If the white line persists (which it probably does
not) you will have to replace or at least check the
line deflector coils on the c.r.t. neck. If the line
disappears or fades out almost as soon as it appears
however, check the ECL80 line oscillator and
associated components, but only if the PL81 over- heats. If the PL81 does not overheat, check the
0.25µF boost line capacitor before fitting a new line output transformer. A transformer can be
ordered from one of our advertisers, Direct TV
Replacements for example, or from a dealer who
will order it from B.R.C.

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