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I have installed a Pye/Ekco transistorised u.h.f. converter and find that I cannot obtain full width
on 625 operation. The picture is 2in. short at
each side of the screen, has a If in. shadowy fold
at the right-hand side and the brilliance is set
higher than normal. I have tried reducing the 3rd harmonic pulse
capacitor C76 to 30pF, increasing C78 by 300pF
and installing a variable resistor in series with C71, but none of these alterations have been
successful. – C. R. Pullin (Newcastle – upon –
Tyne, 2). Remove the width control L42 and R97 from
the circuit and use the closed loop sleeve on the
tube neck for adjustment. Make small alterations
to C76 and C78 for optimum scan and change C77
to 0.1µF if necessary.

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