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I’ve been unable to obtain any data on this W. German
monochrome set. There are two ten -pin valveholders, but
one of the valves is missing. The other is a PFL200. Trying
a PFL200 in the other ten -pin socket produces sound and a
picture, but no line of field lock. The same happens when a
PCH200 is tried.
Graetz is part of the ITT organisation on the continent.
You should be able to obtain data from Graetz at
Phortsheim, W. Germany. The other ten -pin valve should
be a PCL200, which incorporates the sync separator, and
when this is fitted a stable picture should be obtained. As
this is a W. German set, it will be designed to operate from a
220V supply. A resistor of about 6052 should be added in
the heater chain to loose the additional voltage when
operated at 240V. An RS Components dropper section is
ideal for this purpose.

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