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Granada Rental: TV VCR Equivalents 9

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2 years ago

Re – The photo taken outside the Granada Tv Showroom.
The second Colour Television from the left is a Rediffusion Mk3 and our family had one of them in the early 80’s. It displayed the best picture and was very reliable with no service calls in 4 years.
The second set from the right looks like a Rediffusion Mark 4 TVRM. I bought one of these sets when I got married in the mid 80’s. Sadly, the performance and the picture quality was not a patch on the Mark 3 and ended up replacing it with a Sony Black Trinitron.

2 years ago

Nice to see the picture at the top, there doesn’t seem to be so much about Granada rentals online compared to Rediffusion, Radio Rentals and DER.

2 years ago

The set we had when Granada took over Spectra would probably have been a C22NA1 on Granada’s system. We definitely had a C22XA5 briefly, then a C20XA5 for a few years. We also had a trial of probably the C22WZ5, and later had a C16BK2 (easily the worst ever, for reliability), along with our first video recorder, the VHSXH3.

Reply to  EmleyMoor
14 days ago

Set at the bottom right of this picture is a C16BK2 – – anyone know the ordinary ITT equivalent model number?

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Reply to  crustytv
13 days ago

Hmmm.. dodgy URL shortener – the original rather huge one is – having tried twice to shorten it with unexpected results, it is a last resort.

The “2” at the end had changed meaning by then to “Granadacolour basic/remote”. It could potentially have been a different year letter but I am pretty certain it was B. I did see a brown fronted ITT badged version of the set once – and I was led to believe it too had been unreliable. Didn’t get the model number though.

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