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The picture size sometimes judders for short periods, and on
one occasion the cutout operated. A one inch foldover is
present – though not always – on the left-hand side of the
screen. There are also very prominent Hanover bars.
Attempts at readjustment seem to have no effect on these.
We suggest a careful check on the joints in the line oscillator section and around the wound components in the
line output stage. The judder could be due to R509, R508 or
R507 which set the bias conditions in the width circuit.
Check also R504 and Di504, which are in series with the
width control transductor. When these points have been
cleared, set up the line hold control R426 (“Z”). Hanover
bars are uncommon on these Grundig sets. The TBA510
and TAA 630 i.c.s in the decoder are suspect if the fault
cannot be cleared by adjusting controls LZ and DV in the
delay line circuit.

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