Hints On Servicing a VCR

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Folk often ask how best to tackle servicing a video cassette recorder. For those who have not yet earned access to the VIP data library, this extract from Ferguson Feedback N0.53, provides much of what you need. This article is not a restoration guide, its is how to perform a regular maintenance/service upon a VCR. Depending on your VCR hardware, allow for such variances but the general principles involved apply to all.

If you are looking for advice on how to restore and diagnose a VCR to component level, check out past threads in the VCR section of the forum. If you cannot find an answer there, consider starting a new thread detailing the problems you are facing.

At the foot of the page you will also find some further recommended reading.

Lets Get Started .. First Things First

Hints On Servicing a VCR 9

The Tape Path

Hints On Servicing a VCR 10

Cleaning Regime

Hints On Servicing a VCR 11

The all Important Heads

Hints On Servicing a VCR 12


Hints On Servicing a VCR 13


Hints On Servicing a VCR 14


Hints On Servicing a VCR 15


Hints On Servicing a VCR 16

Finally; Other recommended reading

Cleaning VCR Heads

Thorn VCR’s;Know Your Heads

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