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After giving good service, it suddenly became
impossible to obtain a good picture with this
receiver. On both channels the picture tends to roll and tear and the BBC picture is also very weak. The tearing is worse on the ITA channel. Adjust- ment of either hold control only worsens the
If the brightness control is advanced, the images become grey and “watery” with the raster becoming
exceedingly prominent until finally the picture “blows -up” and disappears. I have checked by substitution three EF8Os and the ECC82, but without improvement.-G. Aspin
(Bessacarr, Doncaster, Yorkshire). We would advise you to check both PCF80
valves on the top left side. If there is no improve- ment, check the crystal diode detector which is a CG12E inside the final i.f. coil can, beneath the
lower PCF80, which appears to be faulty.

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