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There’s quite a good picture except that verticals, i.e.
factory chimneys, are bent and captions pull. This condition
can be cured by reducing the brightness until, the picture is
too dark for normal viewing. The setting of the beam
limiter, the connections to the tube coating, and most of the
components in the line output stage have been checked.
We suggest you first check the components that affect
the biasing of the sync stages – Rf38 and Rf40 which bias
the base of the sync separator, Rf44 which biases the base
of the sync pulse amplifier, and Cf27 which smooths the
supply to these stages. Rh50 which feeds the flyback pulses
to the flywheel sync circuit is worth checking, also the
flywheel sync diodes Dh1/2 and Ch20 which smooths the
supply to the line oscillator.

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