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K.B. LVT50

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When I switch to Channel 10 I receive no sound or vision. By applying pressure in an anticlockwise direction the set becomes normal. Having secured the channel change switch in position
by a wedge I can view till around 8 o’clock in the
evening then the sound and vision slowly fade
and disappear for about two hours, then it will
slowly come back to normal.
The set is perfect on Channel 2. -T. Pugh
The tuner unit cover should be removed and
the switch springs and studs cleaned with a reliable switch cleaner and lightly smeared with M54
silicone grease. If necessary retune the Channel 10 oscillator coil core by removing the tuner
knobs and inserting a suitably shaped knitting
needle (as a screwdriver) into the hole provided.
It will be found that the core is set well back.
Also suspect the tuner unit valve 7ÁN7 (PCC84),
this may be the reason for the fading of the
signals mentioned.

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