PHILIPS 1229U/15

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The picture keeps flicking over and over in an upward direction, rapidly when the set is first
switched on, then slowing down after about an hour to about one ” flick ” per second. The
vertical hold control is as far over as it will go,
also the height control, and the picture just fills
the mask. I have had the frame on and output
valve ECL80, and the sync separator valve ECL80,
tested, and both are O.K. -D. Stewart (Moulton).
You should check the 2.2 Mtt (red -red -green)
resistor which is associated with the frame hold
control. actually situated at the rear of the con- necting socket of the left side timebase chassis.
If this is in order. check the 5.6 MU resistor –
green, blue, green wired to the limiter control on
the right side chassis, on a tag strip under the rear (rather hidden).

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