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Philips: Later Models & Factory Codes

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The following chart provides Model to Chassis identification for the much later Philips sets. This is not our area of interest but may be of use to others.



The next set of data is again too modern for this site but nonetheless a very useful piece of information. Thanks to Richard ( Ex Philips) for providing the following factory codes.

Std IPC Code

Country Code

Country Name

Std IPC Name

AN 520 ITALY Saronno
AP 260 CHINA Kunshan
AQ 260 CHINA Shanghai
AT 371 TAIWAN Tan-Shui Taiwan
AU 260 CHINA Fuqing
AV 260 CHINA Foshen
AX 840 RUSSIA Novgorod
AY 260 CHINA Shanghai
BC 260 CHINA Dongguan
BT 450 Hungary
BW 260 CHINA Shenzhen
BY 371 TAIWAN Tsaotuen Taiwan
BZ 260 CHINA Suzhou
CB 260 CHINA Beijing
CP 451 HONGKONG Philips Electronics , Hong Kong
DA 450 HUNGARY Tiszaujvaros. Jabil Circuit STB
DC 920 TURKEY TekirdagTurkey (Telra)
DD 640 MALAYSIA Pasir Gudang
DE 480 INDONESIA Jawa Barat
DH 640 MALAYSIA Pontian
DM 640 MALAYSIA Perai Malaysia
DN 260 CHINA TCL King Electrical Appl. Huizhou
DV 451 HONGKONG Hong Kong
EX 670 NETHERLANDS Eindhoven
FC 200 BRASIL Rio Grande Brasil
GA 260 CHINA Nan Hai Foshan
GC 260 CHINA Dongguan
GD 260 CHINA Huizhou. CCT telecom products
GK 371 TAIWAN Chungli
GR 451 HONGKONG Kwun Tong
GW 451 HONGKONG Kwun Tong
GY 371 TAIWAN His-Chih. AME Optimedia
HB 570 SOUTH KOREA LG Seoel Korea
HC 200 BRASIL Manaus
HD 450 HUNGARY Szombathely
HJ 780 POLAND Kwydzin
HL 320 GERMANY Kandel
HN 371 TAIWAN Taipei
HO 451 HONGKONG Yau Tong
HP 451 HONGKONG Yau Ma Tei
HQ 371 TAIWAN Taipei
HS 451 HONGKONG Kwun Tong
HU 451 HONGKONG Kwun Tong
HV 451 HONGKONG Kwun Tong
HW 371 TAIWAN Hsin Chu
HX 451 HONGKONG Tsuen Wan
HY 451 HONGKONG Hung Hom
HZ 451 HONGKONG Tsim Sha Chui
IL 470 INDIA Pune – India
JE 260 CHINA Huizhou
JH 810 ROMANIA Timisoara – Solectron
KB 170 BELGIUM Jabil Circuit Hasselt
KC 260 CHINA Aberdeen
KD 451 HONGKONG Kowloon Bay
KM 371 TAIWAN Taipei
KN 451 HONGKONG Kwun Tong
KV 451 HONGKONG Kwun Tong
KW 451 HONGKONG Kwun Tong
KX 260 CHINA TCL King Electrical Appl. Huizhou
KY 451 HONGKONG Hongkong Nat.brand
LA 520 ITALY Saronno
LJ 451 HONGKONG Hong Kong. In-Tech Electronics
LL 260 CHINA Changzhou
LM 451 HONGKONG Hongkong
LN 260 CHINA Dongguan
MC 371 TAIWAN Hsin Chu
ML 371 TAIWAN Taipei
MP 640 MALAYSIA Sunga Petani
MS 260 CHINA Dongguan. Ascalade
MY 260 CHINA Guangzhou
MZ 540 JAPAN Tokyo – Marantz
NS 260 CHINA Nan Hai Foshan
NW 260 CHINA Shenzhen
PL 170 BELGIUM Leuven
PM 520 ITALY Monza
QG 380 FRANCE Dreux
SF 260 CHINA Shenzen
SG 260 CHINA Dongguan
SV 830 SINGAPORE Singapore
TB 840 RUSSIA Kalingrad
TJ 450 HUNGARY Zalaegerszeg
TY 371 TAIWAN Chungli
VN 450 HUNGARY Szekesfehervar
VY 380 FRANCE Le Mans
WD 720 AUSTRIA Vienna
WE 371 TAIWAN Chungli
WR 720 AUSTRIA Vienna
YA 660 MEXICO Yuarez
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