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A neighbour’s Pilot CV87 tuned to Wenvoe
appears to be interfering with several other nearby
sets tuned to North Ilessory Tor. Would you
inform me how to retune this set to Channel 2,
i.e., which is the oscillator coil, etc.? I would
also like to know the I.F.s of this set and also
would you tell me the LF.s of the Ecko 217. I believe they are 16 and 19.5 Mc /s, but which is
which ? -F. Howard Thomas (Port Talbot).
Three coils are required to be adjusted. The
oscillator (the adjustment is on the right side rear of the chassis and is marked OSC trimmer).
the aerial and the R.F. coils. These are on either
side of the front valve on the right side as viewed
from the rear, adjust top and bottom cores. No
other adjustments are necessary. The I.F. of the
CV87 is sound 9.8 Mc /s, vision 13.3 Mc /s, Ekco
T217. vision 16 Mc /s. sound 19.5 Mc /s.

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