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The right-hand side of the picture is normal but the left-
hand side has a dominant yellow tinge. On checking the
guns separately, I find that whilst the red and green rasters
can be blanked out by using the contrast and brightness
controls when the same is tried with the blue gun the right-
hand side of the screen remains illuminated. I’ve tried
swapping over the PCL84 colour -difference output valves
but this had no effect.
First check that the CDA panel is well earthed to the
metal chassis frame. Then check the blue PCL84’s anode
circuitry – the load resistors R396 (8.2M52) and R392
(12162) and the coupling capacitor C370 (680pF). Print
faults such as hair -line cracks and dry -joints are rife on this
panel: check for thes

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