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This set, which I recently acquired, has obviously been
operating in a damp environment. When I first switched on
there was no raster, due to the e.h.t. lead to the tube shorting to earth – the insulation had broken down. I managed to cut off four inches and remade the connection to the tube,
and also replaced the focus potentiometer (full of green
mould!), but there are now random flashes across the tube
face when a programme is being broadcast. I can’t see any
signs of arcing around the e.h.t. section however.
In view of the conditions under which it has been
operating, we feel that a new e.h.t. stick should be fitted to
start with. This may cure the problem, but if not it could be
that corrosion has attacked the signals panel. If so, washing
it with methylated spirit may do the trick.

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