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UTRA 6702

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There is a slight yellow -green patch on the right-hand side
of the screen. This gives subjects in this area a green
shadow on the right-hand side. When a white post, or
lettering, is shown there is red to the left and then the green.
On monochrome a slight green shadow appears to envelope
white or black objects. On a white or black raster the right-
hand side is darker than the left-hand side, with a fin. wide
light vertical strip down the centre. The picture is otherwise
The colour -patches are due to impurity and the fringeing
to misconvergence. You will have to carry out the purity
and convergence procedures given in the manual. The RIG
line convergence potentiometers in this chassis often
become noisy: there is a duplicate set for 405 lines and
these can be used as spares. For the shading, check the c.r.t.
first anode supply reservoir/decoupling capacitor C23
(0.047µF) on the line timebase panel, and for the light strip
the efficiency diode W4 (1AS029). (Thorn 2000 chassis.)

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