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These two buttons should be self-explanatory, one allows you to login, the other to register. With regard to registering, this website and forum are privately funded and operated, there is no guaranteed right of access.  All registrations are manually approved. Therefore, after you have registered, you will not be able to log in until your application is manually checked. You will be notified via e-mail only if your request to join was successful.


This will take you to the VRAT (Vintage Radio And Television) forum. This forum has been established since 2011 and contains a wealth of information. You will find thousands of posts and topics covering the restoration and repair of vintage electronic devices. The membership is a mix of ex TV trade engineers, broadcast engineers, seasoned amateurs and outright novices.

Radios-TV Blog

This section covers general articles relating to the Radio & TV trade

CrustyTV Collection

This section covers my personal projects. The TV museum I created, the TV collection and other projects such as my ongoing Allegro restoration nightmare.

Colour Information

This section contains colour TV service hints, General Tips, Stock faults and servicing articles. A veritable wealth of information to aid in vintage colour TV restoration.

B&W Information

This section contains black and white TV service hints, General Tips, Stock faults and servicing articles. A veritable wealth of information to aid in vintage B&W TV restoration.

VCR Information

VCR service tips, stock faults and general VCR information.

Thorn Information

Thorn were a huge player in the history of UK television. This section provides the reader with a wealth of information at their fingertips relating to the various TVs. I’ve also spent a lot of time formulating a Thorn TV chassis guide. From the model number, you can search what chassis was used.

Other Service Tips

General how-to’s. Like testing transistors, testing thyristors, testing diodes, testing bridge rectifiers. Non-destructive tube reactivation, Mullard maintenance manual etc.


In this final section you will find a wealth of period brochures from all the main popular manufactures, colour TV, B&W TV, VCR, Radio, Audio, Speakers etc. Many catalogues such as Argos, Green Shield & Heathkit. Trade papers such as RER, EET, dealers guides and many more.

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