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The fault appears to be in the frame timebase.
The picture rolls round from top to bottom of
the screen. If I adjust the frame hold control I can stop the picture rolling, but I then have two
pictures, head and shoulders only, one at the top
and one at the bottom of the screen, with a black
line across the middle, then, by reducing the
height, I can get one picture which is only
2 -3in. in height.
As 1 have no data for this set could you say if
there is a frame output transformer which could
be a fault, if so could you please give the location
of sane ?
Also, is there a converter made for this mach]
(if so could you give price for same) or would
any make of turret tuner fit. -d. E. C. Mabbott
You should check the ECL80 frame timebase
valve and the resistors associated with the centre
tag of the frame hold control (trace wiring to
resistors). The Brayhead 16S tuner unit is suitable. fitting instructions are provided; proceed as for Sobel) T143 -T144. etc. Quote channels
required when ordering.

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