Website and Forum Get A Makeover and Vrat 2.0

The web site has recently undergone a complete style makeover, I’ve also designed a new website banner, all this to reflect the enhanced site content coverage, that being all vintage home entertainment equipment.

The menu system has equally undergone a refresh & reorganisation with fresh content added. You’ll notice a new sub main menu under the primary menu, this has quick links to the forum, contact, guest-book and news. Things should be a lot easier to find now, I personally feel the new look is an improvement over the old.

I have also migrated the forum here to a new software application. The addition of the new data library software went well, gradually more and more data is being added as and when time permits. I hope you agree that the single, centralised data library access point is a lot more helpful especially the search new facility.

That’s it for now, more updates to follow and some news about the old Vrat forum


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  1. In an attempt to simplify things, I have made further changes this afternoon.

    This website ( Radios-TV)  now by default, loads the forum up as the home-page.

    Members now login, logout and register via the forum module not the wordpress site. The wordpress side of things you can forget, its hidden now.

    log 1


    The very top menu which we shall call “Menu 1” is an always on top menu,  it has single links to Contact, the guest-book, overall site news ( forum and website), Trade tales and the website document search (not forum search)

    Menu 2: Under the banner,  has the home button which always returns you home ( the forum). The Intro is about the Radios-TV project. Then we have all the quick access points to the brochures, trade magazines, trade papers, service tips, stock faults and data etc.

    Finally Menu 3,  the forum menu, this gives you access to recent posts, your account/profile stats, private messages, the rules and login logout.

    I hope this helps to make navigation simpler to understand, any problems you’re best clearing your browser cache first.

    log 2



  2. Ha-Haaa,

    You got me fazed to begin with. I could I ‘eck as like find where to login when I first came on line tonight – I just went round in circles at first, but it didn’t take long for the penny to drop, like about 20 seconds or so!

    Funnily enough, I’ve always landed on the forum ‘front page’ even though it used to mean stepping out to login, and then stepping back in -this is even better!

    Just one thing, can we have the test-card in full screen, and with music next time? 😆


  3. To conclude the weeks of upheaval the forum module has been upgraded to the latest version. That’s it for 2017.

    Among many bug fixes there are also some new features, one of them being smileys make a return to the forum post editor. Click on the face icon on the post editor, a drop down menu will load a whole raft of the little blighters, there might be a delay as they all load in for you.

    Another added feature is mentions. If you’re familiar with social media platforms, you will be aware of what “mention” does. If not then in a post you can type @xxxxxx where xxxxx is the user you wish to draw attention to the post your making. When the post is saved the system sends an e-mail notification to the mentioned member, drawing their attention to your post. Your mention tag appears under your forum username.


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