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The website has undergone a modest refresh, for the most part, there’s very little change taken place for the VRAT forum side of things. On there you will only find the font more readable, the navigation top menu a little more populated with options, generally a more crisp look. The header is pretty much identical to the old, just the logo shifted to the left. At the foot of the forum are some website promotion features.

The most significant change comes to the main website (Radios-TV). Gone are the bubbles up top, the tiles boxes to navigate to the various parts still remain, just a little further down the page. The big change is the feature promotions of “Trade Tales”, Repair logs and hot picks. Over the coming weeks/months I’ll be setting up more features, and they’ll be sections promoting other areas of the site to encourage the readership/membership.

Possibly feature YouTube videos from my channel and other members, all related to Radio, TV & Video of course.

Thanks for all your participation, it is much appreciated.

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