We have thousands of circuit diagrams, service manuals and trade papers, far too many to sit down and scan in one go, it would take a lifetime. Therefore we scan as and when required so…… Remember if you don’t see it S.O.D it!  click here

“The VIP data library currently has 10,000+ Files in 803 Folders, totalling 33.3GB. The data we can supply is from the late 1930’s through to the 2000’s. This data covers the following items”

  • B&W 405 Line Television (Mostly covering post war  thru to 2000. A few earlier )
  • B&W Dual Standard Television
  • B&W 625 Line Television
  • Colour Dual Standard Television
  • Colour Single Standard Television
  • All popular Radios Mains or portable 1930’s thru to 2000.
  • All popular RadioGrams
  • Reel-Reel
  • Tape players
  • Video cassette recorders 1970’s -1996
  • Period Trader, ERT, BRT and RCR
  • Manufacturers Data manuals
  • Test Equipment
  • Period Magazines and Books.
  • Valve data can be supplied from Mullard, Mazda and a few others from Manufacturers technical manuals.
  • Component data
  • 70s and 80s Music-Centres
  • Fun stuff like hundreds if not thousands of Old time Radios Shows and authentic test card music.
What we Supply 2

Data We Don’t Supply

  • Flat Panel LCD or Plasma
  • DAB


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