What we Supply


The data we can supply is from the late 1930’s through to about 1985. This data covers the following :-

  • B&W 405 Line Television (Mostly covering 1950-1985. A few earlier)
  • B&W Dual Standard Television
  • B&W 625 Line Television
  • Colour Dual Standard Television
  • Colour Single Standard Television
  • All popular Radios Mains or portable (1930-1985)
  • All popular RadioGrams ( 1930-1985)
  • Some Reel-Reel
  • Tape players
  • Some VCR
  • Period Trader, ERT, BRT and RCR
  • Manufacturers Data
  • Test Equipment ( limited). I do hold a few more manuals for some meters and scopes which will be on-line in due course.
  • Period Magazines and Books.
  • Valve data can be supplied from Mullard, Mazda and a few others from Manufacturers technical manuals.
  • Component data
  • 70s Music-Centres mainly ERT service sheets

Data We Don’t Supply

  • Post 1984 Television
  • Post 1984 Radio
  • CD Players
  • DVD Players
  • 80s Music Stacks
  • 80s boomboxes/Ghetto-blasters
  • Hi-fi Stack Systems
  • Flat Panel LCD or Plasma
  • DAB

Thank you for taking the time to read.

4 thoughts on “What we Supply

  1. Disappointed that I am unable to see the magazines and book section.
    Only to read due to being in the trade until 1972 but no longer doing anything just maintaining a interest.

    • Hi,
      Have you some trade tales, if so we would love to read about them. As Chris stated I don’t do repairs etc, I refurbished a few radios and look back that was 5 years ago, still have 2 of them, I let the others go to other interested people.

      If I think I can make a useful input I will post, sometimes it’s useful other times, well that’s how it goes. Join in, we are a friendly lot.


  2. Hi dawson5,

    I’m sorry to read that you are disappointed with an aspect of Radios-TV, namely with regards to access, to the data library.

    I have gone to great lengths to provide a wide range of “free-to-view” articles, magazines, brochures, catalogues, technical trade mags/papers and stock faults etc, covering Radio, Television, VCR and encompassing high end Audio. All these items are “free-to-view” and are easily accessible via the top menu above, by hovering over menu item “blog”. There pop-out menus offer paths to all the items as prior described, hours of entertaining reading and visual material.

    The data library is as stated in the rules when joining, only accessible to active participating members of the forum. This does not mean you have to be actively repairing and posting about your own repairs. We have many ex trade members who don’t repair their own kit but do offer help to others who are. Members such as Frank (nuvistor), Baz (Red_to_Black) are just two such examples. Like yourself they have a wealth of ex trade experience that they share in other folks threads, in order to help members who are actively repairing. They often share technical tips, share anecdotes and post about their days in the trade via other various forum sections and via the trade tales section of the blog.

    I note you have been a member here for over one year, since Dec 2017, yet have not made a single post, not even a “hello” in the members section but you have posted on other forums elsewhere. This is not a criticism, it is of course your right to not post here and post in other places if you so chose. Equally if you just enjoy and prefer reading posts here and not participating in discussions that again is also perfectly fine.

    However I hope you can equally appreciate you cannot therefore benefit from access to the active members data library section and if you will forgive me, its a little unfair to express disappointment. I have gone to great lengths to cater for all folk that visit Radios-TV, be they guests, non active members or full active participating members, for each there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

    Many folk visiting Radios-TV have found the site rewarding and nostalgic, leaving untold positive comments about enjoying their time visiting the site. These are to be found in our guest book. It is a shame you do not feel the same and for that I am truly sorry.

    Admin Radios-TV

  3. Thanks for your welcome reply and I am just happy to browse the forums and read the case studies. If I have something to contribute I will but I have been away from it so long that will be very little I’m afraid.
    As long as you are happy with that then so am I.


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