Early Colour TV Reports


Colour Television: Rentals Reliability and Servicing

Sit back in your favourite armchair, feet up on the Dralon pouffe, admire the newly fitted shag-pile carpet whilst you decide which early colour TV might have been for you.

Test articles from 1968 until around 1982. This section will provide side by side comparisons on price, what your hard-earned pennies would buy/rent, picture quality and much more. All the popular manufacturers of the time being put through their paces and going head-to-head.

Test report 1968
Test report 1969
Test report 1970
Test Report 1971 (Missing)
Test report 1972
Test report 1973
Test report 1974
Test report 1975 (Missing)
Test report 1976
Test Report 1977 (Missing)
Test report 1978
Test report 1979
Test Report 1980 (Missing)
Test Report 1981 (Missing)
Test report 1982


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